Managing and monitoring manufacturing impacts (chemicals, energy, water and waste).

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Level 1: Build a foundation and set ambitions

Haikure has a foundational commitment to sustainable denim production. Haikure has identified its denim laundries as its most impactful supplier and tracks its suppliers more sustainable manufacturing processes. Haikure’s strategy focuses on working with suppliers it deems to have a sustainability commitment, however Haikure is yet to quantitatively measure its suppliers’ impacts. Haikure is yet to define a specific action plan for delivering more sustainable denim production and assign responsibility for managing environmental performance. Leading to a score of 44% at level 1.

Level 2: Make steady progress

Haikure has communicated its requirements for suppliers to maintain an Environmental Management System. However, Haikure is yet to set measurable criteria to source from suppliers that meet its thresholds. Haikure’s score dropped compared to last year, as it is yet to set new targets for 2016 onwards, and to systematically demonstrate that it prioritises suppliers with an improved sustainability activities. There is opportunity for Haikure to assign accountability for the environmental impact of suppliers or to develop tools to support staff in this area, resulting in a score of 9% a level 2.

Level 3: Adopt best practice

Haikure tracks its suppliers’ certification standards, and recognises GOTS as a framework for its suppliers to demonstrate their chemical management practices. Haikure’s score dropped compared to last year as it is yet to continue to roll out its questionnaire to understand its suppliers’ chemical use. There is opportunity for Haikure to demonstrate that it systematically monitors chemical use at laundries and mills, to implement colour management processes or to implement environmental improvement projects, leading to a score of 8% at level 3.

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